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Give me the boot!

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Steampunk boots by DANA

Steampunk boots by DANA

I’m looking for some new boots.  I need the steampunkinest Steam boots that ever ever were.

Keep in mind – I have feet that make a mamma duck proud, and I’m already 6-feet tall. I want buttons and buckles and a great value…

Who’s got good boots and can make a recommendation?


No Steam till… Brooklyn!

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There once grew a tree in Brooklyn, and it was cut down and ground into dust. Oh – wait. That’s just my sick imagination.  For real is:

The Way Station is out staking its claim as the FIRST Steampunk Bar and Performance Venue in Brooklyn. Check it out at 685 Washington Ave.

Coming up they have several events planned:

October 10- OKTOBERFEST –   a day long celebration of beer, sausage, beer and beer!

October 11th – STEAMPUNK PHOTOSHOOT! Renowned photographer Don Spiro steps behind the lense as The Way Station invites friends, family, Steampunk and Victorian officianados to dress up and get their photos taken in vintage daguerrotype stle. Photos to be added to Way station’s wall as part of the decor!

October 31- A STEAMPUNK HALLOWEEN. There will be prizes!

Friday Steampunk Wrap-up!

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Happy Friday – Let’s take a look at the odds and ends from the week:

  • Antiques collectors love the Steampunks.
  • Events this weekend include the Machina Fatalis Steampunk Social Club presenting an evening’s entertainment unlike any the fair city of San Diego has seen. And Pyrate Daze in Long Beach, CA.I hear Abney Park will be playing. As always – you can see a list of Steampunk events and Sci-fi conventions that offer good steam here. Plus – Con Stellation – Huntsville- AL – This con has way too much Furry stuff in its website pictures, but the con seems to offer more than just THAT – including Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • It’s the new -gate.  Watergate led to stinking etymology of words associated with scandle – who can forget Justin and Janet in Nipplegate? So now -punk is the new -gate: BiodieselPunk? Really. There’s a chat about it here framed about the stinko film “9” – now called Stitchpunk.

Have a great weekend!

Creepy or cool?

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Quick show of hands – what’s your reaction to this?

This is a mask by Bob Basset – know for may types of wild masks and leather goods.  But how does it make you feel?  Take this poll:

Never underestimate the power of Military Surplus

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Canadian Sailor Hat - WAY COOL!

Canadian Sailor Hat - WAY COOL!

I spent three hours on the internet in the middle of the night last night. Don’t everyone gasp at once. I know it’s nothing special to surf into the wee hours of the morning, but the strange bit is that I was looking at Army Navy Stores – specifically women’s officer hats.

Sadly, I fear I may not get to the end of this post before homeland security come a knockin’, I did click on several ‘Contamination suits’ after all, but there are some very cool pieces of Steampunk whatnot’s available: Italian motorcycle pants, British Officer Coats, goggles of every shape and size, pith helmets, Sailor suits, flight suits, belts, buttons and all manner of compasses.   Hours of fun for the entire Airship Crew.

Just for you – here’s a link to my new FAVORITE on-line surplus store.

Steampunk Art Exhibitions

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A work of art from one of the exhibitions featured artists - Dr. Grymm.

A work of art from one of the exhibitions featured artists - Dr. Grymm.

Proving yet again that Steampunk is finding its way up deepening waters of Main Stream, one coal fired paddle wheel at a time, an Art Exhibition of “Devices and Contraptions Extaordinaire” will be gracing the ancient halls of Oxford University – specifically The Museum of the History of Science in the original Ashmolean Building. 12 Artists from around the world, including the U.S. Steam Computer Outfiters Datamancer, are featured in the exhibition.

If you don’t know the Ashmolean Museum – Ancient and Venerable to be sure – check out its collections here.  They give great antiquities, but I digress.

The Exhibition – Steampunk: Contraptions + Devices Extraordinaire – runs from October 13, 2009 – February 21, 2010

You can check out the show’s blog here; it has links to a number of Steampunk artists – well worth checking out. I’ll keep an eye out for this exhibit to come to a U.S. city in the future. The curator is a Steam artist from New York, so there is a chance!

Closer to home, or at least in the U.S., the residents of Salina, Kansas can enjoy getting upclose and personal with some Steampunk art when a show opens for the month of October at Bergen Studio. It’s part of the monthly First Thursday Art Rush downtown.

Do you know of any other Steampunk art exhibitions? Let me know!

Steampunk Martha

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Even Martha Stewart is LIVING Steampunk on Halloween.

This Halloween - I want the ultimate Victorian accessory - a horse.

This Halloween - I want the ultimate Victorian accessory - a horse.

Love the hat… What say you?

I want this on a T-shirt.

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My husband suggested it – so I made it. What do you think?Steampunk Benjamins

I think it’s amusing. Now, for the history lesson: This engraving of Ben Franklin’s kite experiment, from page 159 (Fig. 82) of Natural Philosophy for Common and High Schools (1881) by Le Roy C. Cooley. You, too, can find the original in the public domain.

I’m one of those Steampunks that dwell on the electricity realms when I create. Tesla rocks.  So, where are you? Steam or Electricity?

Coming soon – An Interview with Captain Robert

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I’m working on an Interview with Captain Robert from Abney Park. Keep your eyes here for the results – SOON!

Abney Park Rocked this years Dragon Con

Abney Park Rocked this year's Dragon Con

09.09.09 and the Movie 9

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The movie “9” premiers today. So, here’s a review of the film.  It’s claimed as a post apocalypse Steampunk world, but is this really a Steampunk film? I think the best elements of post apocalyptic Steampunk are the ways that survivors soldier on. Humanity is key. If all punks are gone, I would argue that it’s not Steampunk anymore. So, that brings us to the debate of the day: What are your favorite Steampunk movies and why?

Please allow me to list several Feature films to get you thinking about the best and the worst:

  • Van Helsing
  • The Postman
  • The Prestige
  • Waterworld
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Wild, Wild West
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • The Golden Compass
  • Young Sherlock Holmes
  • Dark City

Steampunk Thermo