Steampunk Art Exhibitions

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A work of art from one of the exhibitions featured artists - Dr. Grymm.

A work of art from one of the exhibitions featured artists - Dr. Grymm.

Proving yet again that Steampunk is finding its way up deepening waters of Main Stream, one coal fired paddle wheel at a time, an Art Exhibition of “Devices and Contraptions Extaordinaire” will be gracing the ancient halls of Oxford University – specifically The Museum of the History of Science in the original Ashmolean Building. 12 Artists from around the world, including the U.S. Steam Computer Outfiters Datamancer, are featured in the exhibition.

If you don’t know the Ashmolean Museum – Ancient and Venerable to be sure – check out its collections here.  They give great antiquities, but I digress.

The Exhibition – Steampunk: Contraptions + Devices Extraordinaire – runs from October 13, 2009 – February 21, 2010

You can check out the show’s blog here; it has links to a number of Steampunk artists – well worth checking out. I’ll keep an eye out for this exhibit to come to a U.S. city in the future. The curator is a Steam artist from New York, so there is a chance!

Closer to home, or at least in the U.S., the residents of Salina, Kansas can enjoy getting upclose and personal with some Steampunk art when a show opens for the month of October at Bergen Studio. It’s part of the monthly First Thursday Art Rush downtown.

Do you know of any other Steampunk art exhibitions? Let me know!


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