Never underestimate the power of Military Surplus

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2009 at 10:40 pm
Canadian Sailor Hat - WAY COOL!

Canadian Sailor Hat - WAY COOL!

I spent three hours on the internet in the middle of the night last night. Don’t everyone gasp at once. I know it’s nothing special to surf into the wee hours of the morning, but the strange bit is that I was looking at Army Navy Stores – specifically women’s officer hats.

Sadly, I fear I may not get to the end of this post before homeland security come a knockin’, I did click on several ‘Contamination suits’ after all, but there are some very cool pieces of Steampunk whatnot’s available: Italian motorcycle pants, British Officer Coats, goggles of every shape and size, pith helmets, Sailor suits, flight suits, belts, buttons and all manner of compasses.   Hours of fun for the entire Airship Crew.

Just for you – here’s a link to my new FAVORITE on-line surplus store.

  1. I could build a whole costume based just on that yummy dressy Canadian pillbox hat!

  2. I agree! You can make some cool outfits with surplus items! Check out this place for some unique stuff! http://bestmilitarysurplus.com/more-then-the-punisher-shirt-what-would-the-punisher-buy-from-a-military-surplus-store/

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