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Meetups of the week!

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The Maine Steam Alliance – Meeting October 22 at the
Bard Cafe at 185 Middle Street in Portland Maine around 7:30.


Columbus Ohio – October 25th from 1pm to 5pm at the Depot Rail Museum 919 Old Henderson Rd., Columbus OH
For more info – Phone: 614-324-5930

SO! If you have a meet-up that you want promoted – send me a comment!


World Premier Audio!

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I know you have been waiting with baited breath for the podcast of the first two episodes of Chenda and the Airship Brofman! WAIT NO MORE!  The adventure awaits at CoalCitySteam.com! Go on, go! I’ll wait!

OR!!! You can listen here:


This week in Steampunk

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Happy Friday –

Let’s get to it.

  • This just in: Edgar Allen Poe is dead.  Well – at least his funeral was held this week.
  • Where have all the Nemo’s gone? Gone to Disney by way of Tokyo.  This blog has some detailed pictures of the… is ride the right  word? I don’t know.
  • For the love of CAKE!

Getting closer

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Thanks to everyone who is sending support about the book. Chenda and the Airship Brofman will be going live with its first podcast episode in just over a week. The book is going through its final proofing and will be available VERY soon. I’m just as pleased as punch for this prospect. Have you seen the cover?

Chenda cover galley J

As an interesting aside, the book has a fan page on Facebook.  I go to see if there are any new fans (that aren’t part of my mother’s extended family) every few weeks or so. There was a young lady named CHENDA that became a fan.  I sent her a note, thanking her for her support, and asked her if she was from Cambodia, as the name is Cambodian in origin.  Indonesia – she replied. How cool is that?

10 Questions with the Emperor

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Emperor J at OaklandCoalCitySteam.com welcomes a chance to reveal the beating heart behind the Giant Fist of The Emperor of the Red Forks Empire – Justinian .  I like the 10 questions format, one for each of you mighty fingers.

1. The Red Fork Empire, with all its reveling in the unreal, sounds like a really great place.  Can you tell me more?

The Empire encompasses billions of worlds, different realities, dimensions, parallel worlds, timelines, genres, cannon, and the multi-verse. However, it is not bound by these small obstacles, the only boundaries are those chosen by the Emperor. The center of the Empire is New Byzantium. The population  of the empire is limitless. Citizens are welcome from every reality possible.

It seeks to form an association of beings who share the same interests, I.E. Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Music, or any other medium. Even if they do not know how, or not good at it, the RFE accepts beings that just enjoy it. As well as to those who find comfort in: Gaming, Role-playing, Fanfic, Costuming, Prop-building, Larp, Writing, Crafts, and aiding in World Domination. To develop a society for beings who enjoy going to conventions or events mostly involving: Sci-fi, Comic Books, Horror, Fantasy, Anime, Ren Faire, or whatever. To meet people of similar ideas, tastes, hobbies, whatnot.

Red Fork Empire

Red Fork Empire

Those of the RFE will hold the line against the oppression of make-believe. All  the citizens of the empire have a job to do so that the empire grows, imagination is enforced throughout all reality, and  things that don’t exist never die. The most hated enemy of the RFE is the unwillingness to think creatively and with no imagination.  The empire fights a never ending war against the Dull. Those who may have become one with the Dull and lack the all important attribute of imagination and creativity will be rescued by the empire. The Empire strives for originality and inventiveness, even if it does not fall under the banner of the RFE. Those who do not see the eternal magnificence that is the Emperor and the Red Fork Empire will in time. All are loyal to the Emperor.

2. Forgive me for quoting you back to you, but you said you are the “Emperor of twelve time lines and hold a seat on the sixth council of high lords. Conquering, Sleeping the sleep of the ancients, I take interest at people watching….I take great comfort in allowing beings to spend time with me and bask in my Omni-potent presence.”  That’s a handful. How’s that working out for you?

For the time being, the Emperor is amused.

3.What’s the best thing you’ve seen recently in THIS timeline?

A favorable acceptance of the RFE by beings who show potential as upstanding Citizens. Oh, and how Steampunk has injected a desire into those who may not have used their creative attributes, like being shot in the head with an Imperial boiler pistol.

4. As for the care and feeding of an Emperor, what’s your pleasure? What feeds your soul?

The Emperor drinks deep from the well that is filled with the glory of the Empire and it’s Citizens.

5. Going to Steamcon, I see. Wait, I’m almost over the jealousy. Just another second. OK. So, does one check the mighty fist on the Airship, or does the hand get it’s own seat?

As the Emperor is not whole without his Gauntlet, he does not allow to be seperated far from his Gauntlet. It having it’s own seat would be silly. The Gauntlet is a carry on or personal Item. There was one incident that recently transpired within the Atlanta airport where a rather ridiculous security agent dared to halt the Gauntlet from passing through security. After some ranting by the Emperor, the gauntlet was given permission to pass.

6. At the recent Steampunk meet-up in Atlanta, you were looking a little – oh how shall I say – intense.  Popping a few veins, as it were. Wanna talk about it?

The ages of existance, transversing though time and dimension leaves its marks upon the Emperor. At least, it has on the one you met.

7. Airship or Time Machine?

To anyone who knows the Emperor,  the answer would be so obvious as being shot in the foot.

8. You know what they say about guys with big hands and big feet.  Comment?

Just because I’m not big doesn’t mean I don’t rock.

9. What’s your #1 recommendation for a read in Sci-fi? Steampunk?

Anything by H P Lovecraft.

10. What’s next for the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire? (Or, where can your adoring subjects next worship you?)

The Emperor will be attending Steamcon in October, Dances of Vice III in November, and possibly a convention in Texas in January.

Bonus Question: How about a tell all regarding the big fist?

The Gauntlet is a part of him with his malnourished arm inside hooked in, being constantly scratched by gears. It is a manifestation of the will of the Imperial Citizenry. For some reason the gauntlet changes its appearance depending on the plane of existence the Emperor is on.  Several incarnations of the gauntlet can emit a beam of different sources dependent on which gauntlet and which Emperor wields it. The Gauntlets originate from bio mechanical clockwork experimentation by his creator. It was forged in the heart of a sun and tempered with tears from long forgotten gods. It has its own sentience, at least that is what the Emperor believes. He himself replaced his arm with his own creation. The Emperor has had many gauntlet apparatus throughout the timelines.

The Clockwork Girl

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As usual – Thursdays are video clip day.  Here’s a graphic novel come to life, The Clockwork Girl:

It looks charming – The original comic, too…

But, it brings me to the idea of clockwork people in general. Abney Park has a song about it – it involves selling her “tuppence for a spin”. The idea in the song is about the absence of carnal sin with a clockwork girl.

What do you think?

Who are your favorite Clockwork People?

New dates for doing Steampunk

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I’ve been a busy little bee over at CoalCitySteam.com. The Events page has been updated with new events from Maine to San Francisco.  Head on over and take a look see.  Let me know if you are going to any of these cons, cause I may beg to share a room!

I do try to contact the leadership of these events and make sure there is some real steam being generated. I’ll not what I find out as I go along.

A Steampunk Meetup at Oakland Cemetery

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Oakland Cemetery Group PhotoOvercast skies didn’t dampen (well, not too much anyway) the Atlanta Steampunk Meetup in Historic Oakland Cemetery.  A nice little crowd came and represented.

This (silent) movie shows a few of the pictures I took today (And one great picture from Andreas Yankopolus of a great group shot! Very nice of you to send it!)

I’m hoping that others will send in their photos for me to post and share. I loved meeting with Emperor Justinian and the folks from Extraordinary Contraptions, but what made my day – no! – my whole week, was the guy that said, “CoalCitySteam.com? That’s how I found out about the meet up today!” My head did swell a little… Thanks guy!

Atlanta Steampunk Meet-Up!

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Meet me at Oakland Cemetery this Sunday at Noon. The Victorian Street Festival is going on. Many Steampunks are coming. You come, TOO!

The Ghastly Dreadfuls Return to Atlanta

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The Ghastly Dreadfuls - a Steampunk Puppet troup with some strings attached!

The Ghastly Dreadfuls - a Steampunk Puppet troup with some strings attached!

Just in time for the Season of Hauntings, the Ghastly Dreadfuls make their second appearance at Atlanta’s center for Puppetry Arts. If you think Puppet shows are for kids, you have another think coming. The Center has shows and workshops for the tikes, but the best stuff happens after dark with their adult shows.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls are a troop of Steampunk Ghosts – but perhaps they wouldn’t call themselves that. 19th Century living challenged – perhaps. They sing and dance and the puppets are wild.

Check out the best of last year’s show in a few clips here. The Ghastly Dreadfuls II: Handbook of Practical Hauntings and Other Phantasmagoria will be at the Center for Puppetry Arts October 14 – November 1. Tickets are on sale now – click here (There will be a half price show on Oct. 14th!)

Been to a Ghastly Dreadful show?  Let me know what you thought!

NOW -For something completely different. OK really rather the same, but it rhymes – another puppet Steampunkesque video clip from Jason von Hinezmeyer – half of the Dreadful’s creative team. It was recorded also at the Center for Puppetry arts a few years ago and it’s called In Private. Rather cute. Enjoy! Let me know if you like it. I’m thinking about making Thursdays – Video days. Could be fun.