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Calling all Steampunk Writers in the South. Join the Yahoo Group SteamWITS (Steampunk Writers in the South).

The purpose of the list is to gather together Steam writers in the region so we can forward the literary movement at regional Cons, writer’s workshops, book signings, readings and so one. Support one another — cheer each other on — discuss the genre and so on.  Also – Shameless plugs for our own writings, too.

Click here – sign up. Costs: Nothing.


Ecouterre Steampunk Fashion

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One of the things I like the most about Steampunk is the way that people re-purpose items to make new steam stuff. My best bud recycled an a velvet work suit jacket and a homemade Medieval skirt to make the AWESOME outfit that eventually became the model for my book cover. In Steam, the whole is the more than the sum of its modded and recycled parts. It’s better because it’s got some junk in it, on it, and so forth.

But, I didn’t see this coming: Steampunk as Eco – Fashion. In other words Ecouterre. Check out those crazy Danes making the world a better place one Fashionista at a time.

Thanks Patti for the tip!

Steampunk Sidekicks

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All the greatest heroes and villans have sidekicks: Batman has Robin, Frankenstein has Igor, Word Girl has Captain Huggie-Face.  I think of this now as I see more and more clips for the new Sherlock Holmes film. The Greatest Sidekick of all time, Dr. Watson, no?

Let’s see what people think. Who is your Favorite Steampunk Sidekick?

Book Signing – Lilburn GA

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Please join me!