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Chattacon! Success.

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Emilie P. Bush and Professor Henrietta Hoppingood at Chattacon

It seemed this year Chattacon was a great success. At least it was for me. I met new friends and reconnected with some old friends, and walked and walked and walked. My legs are still tired!

Now that I have experienced it first hand, I can make a few generalizations about Chattacon. First off, it is a PARTY con. The room parties were freely available and well advertised.  It’s a young person’s con. Lots of teens and 20-somethings. Nice. Fresh. The food at Con Suite was tasty and always available (but, as usual – less vegan that one would hope!) – and it catered toward the young folks with lots of wrapped snack cakes, chips, beer and sodas.

In my panels – however – I attracted a bit of an older crowd.  There wasn’t a soul under 35 in the Steampunk Literature panel (at 10AM Saturday – the first session of the day).  I’d say half were 50+. BUT, years were equal to experience and the program went very well. People trickled in but didn’t wander back out.

The Tesla v. Watt session was a hoot! The panelists and I had them rolling in the aisles, and I will be doing this program again at a convention near you. The maker’s panel was good as well – standing room only!

The big surprise was the Crew of the Airship Brofman taking second prize at the Masquerade – and winning Best Presentation.  That was a shock!  None in the group had ever entered a costume contest, and we just decided that afternoon to do it. Lucky us. We won $50! Rather than splitting it 4 ways – we went to the Terminal Pub next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo and ate our winnings. YUM!

Which way to the Airship!?!?!

I sold out of my books at the con – every book I brought with me. YEA! I look forward to doing that again soon!


Two days until Chattacon and I’m still looking for all the pieces.

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I am getting all my stuff together for Chattacon. I am close to ready.

I will be involved with at least 3 panels: 10AM Steampunk Literature Panel. 1PM Great Debate: Tesla v. Watt, and 4PM Maker’s panel.  The supplies and notes and everything else swag wise is all ready.

As for the new duds, I am 95%. I have to decide whether I will tack a black ribbon on the pirate hat, and the pirate coat needs ONE hook and eye to keep it closed. That – and I decided at the last minute to put sleeves on the new dress.

It’s a fine at a Con between promoting yourself and your work, and tarting it up.  I’m going for snappy but not slutty, talented but now snooty.  When you see me at the con, let me know if I pull it off.  Pictures and recap coming soon.

Getting ready for Chattacon

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Going to Chattacon in Chattanooga, Tennessee? What a small world, so am I. So I guess I will see you there in just under two weeks. Here’s what I know about the Steampunk panels at Chattacon:

There will be a Literature Panel, a Fashion Show, a Maker’s panel and one called The Great Debate: Tesla Vs. Watt.

There could be more, but this is what I know of today.

I look forward to seeing you! Check back here for a schedule update in a day or two.