Chattacon! Success.

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Emilie P. Bush and Professor Henrietta Hoppingood at Chattacon

It seemed this year Chattacon was a great success. At least it was for me. I met new friends and reconnected with some old friends, and walked and walked and walked. My legs are still tired!

Now that I have experienced it first hand, I can make a few generalizations about Chattacon. First off, it is a PARTY con. The room parties were freely available and well advertised.  It’s a young person’s con. Lots of teens and 20-somethings. Nice. Fresh. The food at Con Suite was tasty and always available (but, as usual – less vegan that one would hope!) – and it catered toward the young folks with lots of wrapped snack cakes, chips, beer and sodas.

In my panels – however – I attracted a bit of an older crowd.  There wasn’t a soul under 35 in the Steampunk Literature panel (at 10AM Saturday – the first session of the day).  I’d say half were 50+. BUT, years were equal to experience and the program went very well. People trickled in but didn’t wander back out.

The Tesla v. Watt session was a hoot! The panelists and I had them rolling in the aisles, and I will be doing this program again at a convention near you. The maker’s panel was good as well – standing room only!

The big surprise was the Crew of the Airship Brofman taking second prize at the Masquerade – and winning Best Presentation.  That was a shock!  None in the group had ever entered a costume contest, and we just decided that afternoon to do it. Lucky us. We won $50! Rather than splitting it 4 ways – we went to the Terminal Pub next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo and ate our winnings. YUM!

Which way to the Airship!?!?!

I sold out of my books at the con – every book I brought with me. YEA! I look forward to doing that again soon!

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