The Summer Book Tour Starts next week.

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The book is ready. Verdu is born!

The Gospel According to Verdu, my second novel, has been pushed, pulled, smothered, covered and capped. No, wait. That’s Waffle House. The book IS ready. Are you? What’s your (format) pleasure?

  • Kindle? Just $3.
  • Paper? Get it at Amazon.com. $14.99.
  • Sony eReader? Nook? Reading on your ipad or smartphone? Smashwords has you covered – for $3.  BARGAIN!
Chenda and the Airship Brofman is also now available in all digital formats at Smashwords as well.
That’s all well and good – but – folks who LOVE their favorite authors know that it’s best to buy a book directly from the writer. Which brings me to the Summer TOUR!
If you want to see me – here’s where I will be:
he will also be appearing at these events and signing copies of her books:

Wow, when you put it all up there at once – it seems overwhelming. One bite at a time to eat an elephant and all that. I am happy about this tour – there’s a good feeling. I am ready to go forth and deliver the new story.
So, where are YOU going to join me?

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