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Each day leading up to the launch of the Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story, we will be sharing a tidbit – a drawing – a bit of music – or a giveaway. Today’s secret: St.John Murphy Alexander is based on a drawing Kevin did enticing wayward orphans to “ENLIST TODAY!” The name is a nod to a former boss who loves books – one Mr. St.John Flynn. It’s pronounced {SIN-gin}.

One of the great things St.John Flynn did for me was to take me to the British Consulate for a reception. What an opportunity to see and observe. I had a wonderful time and it added much to my life. That and Flynn has a great name that an automaton just HAD to have.

St.John Murphy Alexander’s father illustration (the original #7) was a soldier – and Kevin softened the military aspects a bit to make his a little more child friendly. He hasn’t got a mouth, so all of his thoughts need to show on his face – in his eyes really.

Tune in tomorrow for MORE secrets and glimpses.

To see the original #7 – take a look HERE: http://allied-aethernautics.com/images/albums/NewAlbum_a7f1a/tn_1200_3182d96f3c0c48bcb709321db83f9fb

Need a reminder to about THE day to get Her Majesty’s Explorer at a Special Price – It’s one day ONLY February 28th. Click GOING to the party on this page: http://www.facebook.com/events/347525985265865

Here’s the place to LIKE this great storybook:

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