Countdown to Launch: 26 days to go!

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Today’s bit of info: How did Kevin and Emilie come together to create Her Majesty’s Explorer?

Settle, children, and I will tell you my tale. Once upon a time there was a lonely novelist, shut away in a writing tower. She would throw novels out into the world, hoping for a hero to read her words and rescue…

OK – Even I don’t believe it…

Here’s the truth: Facebook is to blame. One day out of the blue, some guy sends me some fan art from my first novel Chenda and the Airship Brofman – Kevin sent me his interpretation of the Brofman and it was really nice – not what I pictured my ship to be – but who isn’t flattered by fan art? People send me stuff from time to time based on my book, and that’s neat, but Kevin said, “Seriously? Is this how you pictured the ship? Send me some feed back…” So, I did.

The next day Рa new drawing appeared. I was impressed.  More feedback from me Рand on day three Рthe real Brofman was presented. I loved it. Later in the summer, I went on book tour with my second novel, The Gospel According to Verdu, and found myself chatting up some folks in the comic book industry.

Now, I’m a soldier’s daughter, so between Kev being deployed and being talented, and the fact that he was a nice guy, I wanted to do him a solid by showing his art to many of these comics guys. One looked at Kevin’s pictures and said, “Not only is he good, he’s very good. If he wants to do a project with you, you should do one.” Nobody needed to tell me twice. I started then thinking about what we could do.

As I posted in yesterday’s blog, the idea for Her Majesty’s Explorer sprouted from just one of Kevin’s drawings. Keep in mind, we started this project having never met face to face. Until January 2012, I had seen Kevin exactly once – when he was flying through the Atlanta airport. We hobbled together story and storyboards by way of email and PDF’s. No phone calls. No face to face meets over coffee and drawing tables. Text only. Cumbersome is a word. It was harder still when Kevin moved from Kuwait to Iraq – where infrastructure for things like internet was a joke.

Still – we moved forward. And it’s been great. Together – we worked and planned, and out of that has come this great little story, and great creative partnership, and a new publishing company — Coal City Stories. The future looks bright! We have looked at each other and thought, I got the better end in this partnership – which is always the best place to be in any relationship!

Tomorrow – The Popularity of Steamduck! Until then – let us know you support the book by joining the PARTY!!


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