Countdown day 25: The Birth of Steamduck

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Some characters are just to cool to be minor. Cases in point – Captain Jack Harkness became more than a con man and left Doctor Who for Torchwood, Cheers couldn’t contain Frazier, and how many great characters were born on Happy Days? – Mork, Laverne & Shirley top the list, and if you really think about it Happy Days itself was a spinoff of Love, American Style, but I digress.

Kevin dreamed up Steamduck, a tiny character he wanted to incorporate into the Explorer story, a little adorable nothing, and at first glace, Emilie said, “THAT’s IT!!!” Who can deny the cutest thing in the world?

From that moment on – the out of the box ideas for Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story started to flow like an avalanche coming down the mountain. How would we put this little sweetheart into the story? Should SD have his own tale? Oh – let’s have a seek and find page in the book to have another layer of activity for the kids after the parents are done reading the book to them!!!

Steamduck became our rally point. We made t-shirts with his image. We loved this little guy go much that we finally did agree to put him into the book as his own feature – a bonus poem over the last 6 pages of the book. Did he invent us? or did we invent him? Hard to say…

The thing that let us know we were totally on the right track, came at Chattacon this January. A young couple approached the autograph table and said, “We’re adopting, and we want the baby to have a Steamduck nursery.” My heart about burst with pride. What could be more sweet for a little steam-kid?

Let us know you support the book by joining the PARTY!!


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