Countdown to Launch: 22 days left. The Deadline.

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2012 at 8:06 pm

Today is a nail-biter at the Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story countdown. It’s deadline day. We need to have the layout finished today and off to the printer tomorrow. And – it’s tight.

The  thing about art is, you can play with it, and play with it, AND PLAY WITH IT, but until it’s signed and sent out into the world, it’s not real. Deadlines are good. They make you crazy sometimes, but sometimes, it’s a place to stop the madness of fiddling with minutia. So, at some point we need to set a limit to putting in commas (then taking them out in the afternoon – a la Oscar Wilde) and blotting out stray illustration marking or playing with tints.

Today is that day.

The panic of getting it done, meets with the joy of seeing the final product come along.

Now, me — the writer — I was REALLY done back in October. Kevin — the illustrator was done more than a week ago. So today, it’s all about our layout goddess, Theresa MeiHwa Curtis. She’s the unlucky one who gets all the pressure right at the end. We’ll have a nice profile about her later in the countdown, but what I can tell you now is that she is the Bomb-Digity, and I’ve never met a more pleasant person in my life.  (And Mark can live his whole life without making any comments at this point. Just saying, bro. Word to the wise.)

SO! Wish us luck, and the book is off to the printer tomorrow! – What does this mean for the future?  Well – it’ means we can start giving you sneak peeks AND look for the grand reveal of the cover in just a few days time!

As always: if you have not joined in the virtual launch party yet – click here and JOIN! (Thanks!)

As an added bonus (and it’s Monday, so why not?), Check out a new painting from William Kevin Petty. I have to say, I adore this image, and may need to see about having him make some prints or postcards of it. I LOVE it, so tell us what you think?


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