20-days to go! Hurry up and wait.

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2012 at 6:09 pm

Outta my hands - and off to the printerIt’s outta my hands. This is the like being a bookie on the day after the Baseball All-star game. There’s nothing to bet on. After ten review editions, days of layout and color changes, weeks of storyboards and ideas, months of planning – it’s gone. The book is AT THE PRINTERS. And I now have to wait.

It won’t take long.

And I have stuff to do – stuff I want to share with the followers of the countdown! In the next 20 days – we’re going to keep real busy with giving stuff away, giving you sneak peeks, revealing the Video Book Trailer, sending out ARC’s and gathering reviews*, and generally planning a BIG PARTY!

But, still. My baby… is now on its way out into the world. Makes an author shed a tear. Hoping I raised it right.  (Sniff….)

AND… I’m over it! Just a reminder – join us at the virtual launch!

*ARCs = Advance Reader Copies – I will be talking about what and ARC is, who gets them, how I hobbled together ours, and so on in a few days (less than 5 days – wink, wink!) IF you know what an ARC is, and you review books, and you want me to send you one — by all means – send me a message on the FB page! HERE.


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