Press Release: Video Book Trailer for HME!

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Coal City Stories / Coal City Steam

Public Relations – CoaCitySteam AT gmail.com


                                                                                                            February 14, 2012

For Immediate Release:

Video Book Trailer for Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story released.

Coal City Stories provides a sneak peek into its first publication Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story, which is to launch  February 28th, 2012.


See the video at the Coal City Steam blog: http://wp.me/pDibz-6C


Praise is rolling in from around the Steampunk community. Here is what some early reviewers are saying:

 “St. John Murphy Alexander, ‘Her Majesty’s Explorer,’ is literature’s most charming mechanical man since L. Frank Baum’s Tin Man.” ~ Jim Barnes Independent Publisher.


“I just finished reading Her Majesty’s Explorer to Chloe (9 years old) and 1Isabella (just 6). They both loved it, and both wished they could have their very own Steamduck.” ~ Captain Robert of Abney Park.


“Utterly charming.” ~ M.K. Hobson, Steampunk novelist.


“The story is simple and cute with a natural sense of adventure winding down to serenity making it perfect for bedtime.” ~ TotusMel’s WunderKammer.com

“Absolutely charming.  It is the Dr. Seuss of Steampunk, and… I LOVED it.” ~ DJ Doctor Q, The Artifice Club


About the book Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story –
It’s a dirty job, but he loves it.


St.John Murphy Alexander walks the world exploring for the Queen. He sees the most extraordinary landscapes, creatures and weather. He gets very, VERY dirty. Exhausted, he returns to HQ and gets ready for a well deserved rest and some sweet dreams.

This gentle book, written by Steampunk novelist Emilie P. Bush and brilliantly illustrated by William Kevin Petty, is the perfect wind-down for your little adventurer.

The book, to be released on February 28th (exclusively through Amazon.com and at a deeply discounted price on the launch date), features an automaton explorer who loves his work, even though it makes him very tired and dirty. As a bonus, an additional bonus tale “Three Cheers for Steamduck” is included in the full color book.

“It’s something totally new,” Bush says. “In the vast body of Steampunk literature, picture books have been totally left out. Her Majesty’s Explorer not only fills that void, it overflows it with joy and wonder. Kevin and I are really pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this project.”


About the Author: Journalist and writer Emilie P. Bush has written two novels. Her first, Chenda and the Airship Brofman, was a “ripping good yarn!” and the tale was a 2010 Semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. The Gospel According to Verdu picks up the epic tale where Chenda left off – high in the skies. Emilie P. Bush lives, laughs and writes with her family in Atlanta.

About the Illustrator: William Kevin Petty is the founder of Allied Aethernautics, LTD., a Steampunk illustration company and specializes in exceptionally detailed pencil sketches and acrylic paintings. His work has appeared in Steampunk Magazine and across the web. Capt. Petty, when he is not deployed with the U.S. Army, lives and draws in central Louisiana.




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