12 days to Launch: Hide and Seek and going in circles

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Hey! Where is THAT in the book?

The seek and find page from Her Majesty's Explorer

My kids are all about the bedtime story, and, for me, the best bedtime stories are the ones I can read with my kids, then I can leave while they explore the book on their own.
I hope that parents will read Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story to their kids and then leave the light on a while for the kids comb through Kevin’s very detailed images a second time or more. It’s a pleasant way to wind down.
When I planned out the structure of the main story, I wanted it to be a circle. Kids are all about going around in circles. So, St.John Murphy Alexander marches for weeks, goes home and washed up for bed, the story comes back around again to his dreams, where he has visions of marching for weeks and weeks. The story naturally takes the reader right back to the beginning.
The Seek & Find page encourages them to take a look again. I read my own book with my kids (really a thrill that they want it again and again) and point to the pictures there and ask, ” Can you go back and find the eagle? Where is the picture frame in the book?” – and so on.
I recall growing up with the Richard Scarry picture books, and in each two page spread was hidden The Gold Bug.  My sister and I spent HOURS looking at Richard Scarry illustrations searching for that little bitty thing!
Like I said – for simple creatures – kids like detail and to do things over and over again. We all know what happens when a kid is left alone in the car for a second – they climb up into the front seat and flip all the knobs and switches and play with the mirrors and stick quarters from the coin drawer into the CD player. Kids can turn ANYTHING into an exploration and experiment. Children and adults connect to Steampunk on THAT level. Together. For grown ups, we talk about the subversive nature of Steampunk – the class and gender bending in costumes, making contraptions and so on, but it really brings out the play in us – the KID in us – to craft costumes and play with the test tubes, cogs and grease.
I hope that this book is a start for Steampunk parents. But, don’t take my word for it. Here’s a review on ComicBooked.com – from John Iwasz, as he talks about kids and books and steampunk! A great review for HME, and an interesting couple of thoughts on involving kids in the world of Steam.
Tomorrow – Favorites! and Blasts from the past. Until then, don’t forget to check out:
  1. […] in the day 12 countdown post, I commented about how I loved looking for The Gold Bug in Richard Scarry books. […]

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