Sunday Morning Coming Down

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm

It was a blast to launch and see the book go from over 100,000th in the sales rankings on AMAZON to it’s highest point of #471. That was awesome. That was better than I thought it would do. But… we’re coming down. It’s natural. It is what it is. Kev prefers not to watch the slide. He  told me not to do the reverse play by play, and that’s probably wise. But I still look at the rankings every day. It’s in the 10-20K range now – still very respectable for the kind of publishing we are.

Kevin and I shrug and say – this is a marathon, not a sprint, and in the long run, our books – yes bookS, as we have already started working on the next two – will become a body of work that will stand for some time. A good launch is nice, now we need to keep moving, keep working every day and creating more wonderful titles for our little imprint, Coal City Stories.

In other book news – had a long interview with Geekout at CNN this week. There will likely be a story about the book on CNN’s blog on Monday – will be watching for that.

Space Gypsies reviewed the book, and here’s what they said: “Whether you are a fan of Steampunk or not. Whether or not you are a Parent or Child. Even if you are a non-geek adult. Don’t miss out on reading this little charmer!” OK! I’ll take that.

Also – the price rolled back to list for the book on AMAZON – so – Sorry to the people who were waiting, you now will have to pay 21% more for the book.  AND the promotion of 4-for-3 is also over – we did VERY well with that one. We hit #3 on the best seller list in that category – OVER ALL!  Amazing how that worked. The other caveat of changing the price is that I activated the expanded distribution for H.M.E. – hopefully – this will get the book IN PAPER in Canada and UK and Europe. We will see.

Speaking of UK – Chenda is VERY cheap there right now… In fact, Chenda and the Airship Brofman is on sale for the month of MARCH! 99-cents in the US – 0.77 in the UK

BUT – more on that tomorrow….

  1. My daughter Jemma (age 11) and I discovered your book on Geekout today and we squealed with delight. We saw the little video-ette promo on Steamed (sweetness, truly and I love the tune from your friend at Extraordinary Contraptions) and we fell in love. We ordered the book immediately. Steamduck is our new personal hero. Kudos, truly to you and Kevin. Hope this is only the first of many adventures (a la Pooh-Bear).

    Cheryl Kane-Piasecki
    Martinsburg, WV

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