One month to LAUNCH – we WANT yer Duckies!

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We’re on a duck hunt! Send us pictures of your ducks! CoalCitySteam@gmail.com. We’re sharing pictures of GREAT ducks all around – REALLY want some Red White and Blue duckies for Patriot Day tomorrow.
So what you got?

Here’s our first contribution! From a fan of the Duck Sharron Parker:

Noble steed and draco-duck from Shannon Parker

Noble steed and draco-duck from Shannon Parker

Click on over to LIKE Steamduck on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @CoalCitySteam – WHY? because we are going to be giving some stuff away – and we are going to have GREAT duckies up to and through the launch of Steamduck Learns to FLY!

(get funky with me now) WE WANT THE DUCK! GOTTA HAVE THAT DUCK! WE WANT THE DUCK!… (bopping away with a quack and waddle!)

Now – a sneak peak of Steamduck in the NEW BOOK – he’s with his buddy GOOSE.

GOOSE! oh wait…. wrong goose.

Oh, HOLD on… Just an old Navy buddy there…. Take me to Duck or lose me forever….


Goose and Steamduck

“Honk!” said a goose as he shook his wings loose, and then it repeated twice more.
“Honk Honk?” he inquired with a voice that was tired, “Hey, why don’t you take off and soar?”
Ducky made a sad “Quack!” for the choice he did lack. “I’m sorry but I cannot fly.”
“That’s quite a shame. Go home and explain to the inventor that you want to try.”

Thanks for joining us! Come back tomorrow for PATRIOT DUCKS!

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