The ALL AMERICAN Duck – on Patriot Day

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From "Her Majesty's Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story"

St.John Murphy Alexander and Steamduck – old pals.

Welcome to September 11th. Today’s Duck du jour pictures will be all about our ducks in uniform. Now, my favorite guy in uniform is St.John Murphy Alexander – who already is a great pal to Steamduck – so of course he’s welcome here…

Let’s start with a classic – the Insignia of the Ruptured Duck:

Insignia of the Ruptured Ducks

Insignia of the Marine Bomber Squadron the Ruptured Ducks (VBM 614) Flying the PBJ-1 aircraft through the end of WWII.

If you haven’t been – I recommend the Museum of Naval Air Flight in Pensacola – AWESOME military aviation stuff, including TONS of nose art and patches. Totally free – go!

OK so what else? Well – this just in: the world traveling Geo-Duck. (not to be confused with the sea delicasy Geoduck)

GeoDuckie and his visitor, the English Duck, having a chat about patriotism with George Mason. – Washington, DC.

This little guy – so cute – is the mascot of George Brett, who is really into geocaching. What is Geocaching? It’s like a GPS guided treasure hunt where once hunts down the Geocach location… just to see what’s there. It’s cool; I’ve done it once or twice. Find out more about geocaching here. Thanks, George, for sharing the collection of Geo Duckie pictures! Awesome!

So -we want MORE ducks. Be sure to keep those images coming!

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