Funky Friday – Shake a Tail Feather

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2012 at 12:04 am

I love this image – Kev’s been making so many doodles of late that mix the organic and the aeronautic. Gears and Props, the Ducky Copter (wait for it – the sneak peek is coming) and all manner of other bits – TOTALLY LOVE IT.


They are funky and very true to Kevin’s love of all things that fly. Me, I like flying, but sometimes – on a funky Friday – you GOTTA DANCE!

Go on! DANCE!

Ok so more Duck hunt picks… Sadly – here is another union of Duck and Machine. I got an imaged mailed to me Mike Baker – who’s truck hit this mallard, I think. He called it duck meets truck. Um, DARK, brother, really DARK. this is a children’s book…. Well, YEAH. I know yesterday’s post showed a roughed up Steamduck…. Fine…. NO REALLY, you’re right. (sigh). Duck Meets Truck:

Duck Meets Truck

If you want better pictures – YOU send ’em! Right… I need a palate cleanser – MORE DANCING!  (cue Jon Cryer and the Duckie Dance from Pretty in Pink)

NO? that doesn’t clear away the dead mallard?

OK – Dirty Ducky Dancing

Happy Friday Ya’ll – Join us for more ducks tomorrow. AND! be sure to follow Steamduck on Facebook!


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