Waking up, to ash and dust…

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2013 at 7:14 pm

FINE! I’ve been a loser. A blog loser – It’s been a while since I’ve been here to say anything to anyone about anything.
Life has been busy, and rough. BUT, the journey of 100 Steps begins with me plunking my butt in a chair writing the blogposts, so here I am.


Appearances: My last appearance was as the top billed Special Guest at Salt City Steamfest. This is an AWESOME little con were great things happened. I like it. I hope to go back next year.

Next is Dragon Con. They sold the * this year so it’s not D*C any more. Whatever. I’m an attending professional which is FINE by me. I have a few panels and a reading and I will commit a future post to where I will be and when. I’ve had an email or two from folks who want to meet up with me and get their books signed, so YEA! I do have a reading scheduled, and I will be going to at LEAST the mechanical masqueade.

Then I have a very full October – Crossroads Writer’s Conference in Macon. PandoraCon in Cincinnati and then Teslacon in Madison Wisconsin. That last one is one of my favorites – always. This year I get to bring Saralyn with me… and I am wicked happy about that.

Books: I worry that Cryptid – my  manuscript most recently veted through my editor – is snake bit. It’s GOOD! REALLY GOOD. But somehow folks that ask for it never seem to speak to me again. And most of these folks are people who reject manuscripts for a living. I can take it. Really I can. But you all have been, just, GONE?! It’s a curse I think. Nevertheless, I have started book two, and am in the planning for book three in this series.

I’ve been re-reading Verdu to get rolling on book three.  I should be ashamed of myself for how long it is taking me to get this one started.

Coal City Stories books: We will have a coloring book out before TOO long, I have… ideas. Kevin is working on the new STORY book Elly Belle in the City of Steam. We said we would take a year to get this one out, and that would have meant October, but I think it will be December or January before we get there. It’s not a huge deal, we are taking our time, and this is going to be SO wonderful. I’m really pleased with the story, and I have several more stories planned, and I want to have Steamduck’s Wild Orchestra Flight up and ready by May 1, 2014. That one is in the planning stages. I’m very excited about this line. The work is GOOD. The art is GOOD. And the audience is VERY GOOD!

As for me, I need a JOB in the worst way. I was working as an IT recruiter briefly, but that company is suddenly no more. It’s been a rough and often humiliating path finding work. BUT… I keep looking. It’s all I can do until I strike lotto or become an overnight success after 5 years of trying…. *smile* It’s all going to be OKAY. More soon.


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