Book Interior Layout and Design Services (PDF Book Interiors)

I like what this person does with the corpses of old books. Coolio! Check it out!

Get your pages together!

A lot of people who have worked on manuscripts diligently for years but can’t seem to find a home for their story in commercial publishing still have the desire to put a printed book together. However, creating an interior PDF for a book is often a steeper learning curve than one cares to climb. Many printing / self-pub companies offer packages with cover and interior layout that packages, while getting the job done, are very expensive and impersonal.

I started my time doing book interiors for my OWN book in 2009. It took months for me to figure it out. My second book, took weeks. I’d learned a trick or two. (But to be honest – the second was better than the first, but not by much – it took a LONG time to get the eye for what looks really good. A smarter woman than me would re-release those books with better covers and better layout, but who has the time?) Now, after helping many to transform their manuscripts into books, I can usually do it in a few hours. I teach “The Anatomy of a Book” at writers’ conventions around the country, and have many pleased “customers” who are all now more like friends.

What this is NOT is an editing service. That would cost considerably more (and I do this mainly to help writers who REALLY want a paper book. The fee is mostly to keep people from taking advantage of my time).  And I know several good editors – MUCH better than me – that I can recommend. But if your manuscript is ready to be born into the world as a REAL PAPER BOOK, I am happy to help.

Send me your questions, please, but all we really need to get started is a CLEAN manuscript (see below) and a choice for a finished book size. If you have a desire for a particular font, great.  If there is a book of which you particularly like the look and feel, let me know and I can emulate that feel.

If you have a manuscript you think the world needs to see, then I say NOTHING should keep you from getting it out there. There is NOTHING so wonderful as holding the first proof copy of your own book.  It is a moment I will treasure forever.


  • I will need your manuscript in some kind of Microsoft Word format.
  • Know your word count.
  • NO TABS – indentations need to be set in the ruler at the top of the composition page. If you TAB to start a paragraph, I will have to go though and take them ALL out.  It’s time-consuming, and time is money, and it gives me a repetitive motion injury in my mouse hand. Let’s just NOT do the TAB thing.
  • Single space between sentences. Many old school typists double space between sentences. You can catch all of these with the “find and replace” function in your word processing program.
  • Double space between lines, and have one inch margins all around.
  • PROOF READ – as this is not part of the service. I don’t ACTUALLY read the manuscript at all, so I won’t be able to comment on what you wrote. I know, this is like oxygen for writers, but that’s not really what it’s all about at this stage. The point is, what you give me is what I give back.

The next question I get is – CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY COVER? Yes. I know several artists who do work for hire, or are willing to license their work for your cover. Also – if you have a photo graph YOU HAVE TAKEN YOURSELF that you want to use, I can help you manipulate that into a cover as well.

Interested in what I can do for your manuscript? Fill out the form below.  I am happy to provide references and testimonials if you require such.  Thanks for visiting the page and happy writing.


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