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The ALL AMERICAN Duck – on Patriot Day

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From "Her Majesty's Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story"

St.John Murphy Alexander and Steamduck – old pals.

Welcome to September 11th. Today’s Duck du jour pictures will be all about our ducks in uniform. Now, my favorite guy in uniform is St.John Murphy Alexander – who already is a great pal to Steamduck – so of course he’s welcome here…

Let’s start with a classic – the Insignia of the Ruptured Duck:

Insignia of the Ruptured Ducks

Insignia of the Marine Bomber Squadron the Ruptured Ducks (VBM 614) Flying the PBJ-1 aircraft through the end of WWII.

If you haven’t been – I recommend the Museum of Naval Air Flight in Pensacola – AWESOME military aviation stuff, including TONS of nose art and patches. Totally free – go!

OK so what else? Well – this just in: the world traveling Geo-Duck. (not to be confused with the sea delicasy Geoduck)

GeoDuckie and his visitor, the English Duck, having a chat about patriotism with George Mason. – Washington, DC.

This little guy – so cute – is the mascot of George Brett, who is really into geocaching. What is Geocaching? It’s like a GPS guided treasure hunt where once hunts down the Geocach location… just to see what’s there. It’s cool; I’ve done it once or twice. Find out more about geocaching here. Thanks, George, for sharing the collection of Geo Duckie pictures! Awesome!

So -we want MORE ducks. Be sure to keep those images coming!

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5 days to launch – Kevin is in the HIZ-OUSE!

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WHOOT! Kevin’s here in the ATL. That means we will be at AnachroCon TOMORROW! and we will be at the Gwinnett County Writer’s Guild tonight!

Books have arrived, (so many lives are now safe) as have the stickers and book plates and whatnot. We have an appointment with a tabletop of waffle scraps and some scissors to start cutting up the piles of sticker sheets that arrived. It’s a thing. Tedious, but a thing.

Interviews tomorrow and the Men Without Pants Party.

Day five is the doorway to”we can’t stop this ride now… even if we wanted to.” SO, life is good, and it’s all on track!

7 Days until LAUNCH: What it means…

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((Let me start by saying: THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. In no way should you read this and miss the fact that I LOVE this aspect of my life. I love writing. I love marketing. I love this book and everyone connected to it. This is just a peek into the CRAZY that is one week before a book launch.))

Her we are 7 days until Launch Day, or as I call it, The Day the Duck RISES! 

But… until then, here’s what it sounds like around my house: “No, sorry, can’t do that right now, I’m getting ready for the launch… No, YOU do the laundry. NO – YOU DO IT. Seriously, I don’t care that you are naked and  ‘I’m only 4-years old.’ Mommy’s busy. And fry up your own breakfast…”
And here’s what it sounds like in my head, “GGGGgGgggggrrrrrrrrrrrr! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! WHERE THE FRACKITY-FRACK-FRACK ARE…. THE… BOOOOOOOOOKS!!!!”

Whereas the number of baskets of laundry at my place is reaching critical mass -in fact, I think the load of reds is starting to rally for equal rights – the number of books in my possession is… ZERO. This is what is known in the warehouse biz as “just in time” stocking. What I call it is maddeningly uncertain. The books are supposed to be delivered on Thursday…. or perhaps FRIDAY! And that’s jsut SOME of the books I ordered – just the first 50 of the hundreds I wanted to have on hand. (These are just MY books – for personal appearances, otherwise known as the ones I bought wholesale. The Amazon folks have ALL the books they need – so no worries there – they are ALREADY set for launch day on Tuesday). Now, arriving on Friday is a bit of a problem, because…

I need “THE FIFTY” for the soft launch at AnachroCon in Atlanta this coming weekend.

soft launch is the release of a product or service to a limited audience. Soft-launching is a method for gathering data on a product’s usage and acceptance in the marketplace, before making it generally available as a hard launch or grand opening. Companies may choose a soft launch to test the viability of a product or to fine tune a product before implementing a larger marketing effort.

Or – in our case – a chance to let our hair down and show off the new book. Mostly in that order.

Why only 50 books are coming: well, rushing heavy things, such as bits of dead trees, is very costly. So, 50 will be rushed here, and the rest should be here shortly thereafter. The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – as my mother’s people supposedly said (though I never heard it said), The Fifty will be here on time. So, just to cover my bases, I’ve got prayer beads AND hip waders. (I learned to be prepared for all eventualities when I was a Campfire girl.)

What else am I looking for to turn up on my doorstep by delivery truck? ALL the promotional materials and book plates. Stickers, posters and assorted whatnot. It also is supposed to be here this week. The book plates server several purposes. First, they are perfect for autographing and giving out at the convention to the people who are planning on purchasing Her Majesty’s Explorer on line next LAUNCH DAY – where the book will be discounted from the REGULAR Amazon (and convention price) of $11.95.  Secondly, it’s a bit of an insurance policy… in the event that the books are delayed for some reason. Perish the thought. No, don’t even think it. Seriously. Seeing me in a snit is in no way attractive, and I about guarntee that I will be snit-tastic all over somebody at the printing house come noon on Friday if I don’t have books. (Hell hath no fury like a bookless author. I will give new meaning to death by a thousand paper-cuts.)

S0, now that the cat is out of the bag about AnachroCon, wouldn’t you like to know what Kevin and I will be doing? Well, the kids don’t really know that I will be hosting the Men Without Pants Party Friday night. BUT, children ARE welcome to come on over to the hotel lobby and join in Story Time with Miss Emmy and Captain Kev! Saturday at 11:30. We will be doing the first EVER live reading of Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story. I’ve even made goggles for my doll. Like I didn’t have enough planned this week – I made doll goggles? (Lost. My. Mind! on that one. BUT once I got the drill out, then things went pretty quick, I guess.) AnachroCon is always one of my favorite conventions every year. This one will be EXTRA special because of the first time ever reading! That, and there aren’t going to be many readings / conventions where Kevin and I appear together. Not anytime soon, as we are going to be several time-zones apart for the foreseeable future. SO – if you want BOTH Kevin and me to autograph the book, and you know you do, a book plate may be the best way to get both signatures.

All this is dependent on what Brown can do for ME this week…

Yes, this is a week that is whipping by faster than it needs to, a week where I have to pack for a convention, arrange for blogs, blurbs, interviews, editorial meetings, writer’s guild, and arriving illustrators. Oh, and laundry. I need to get that bleach out of the hands of  the pre-schooler…

Until tomorrow…

(So, are the kids gone now….? Good.)

(OK – this comic I stumbled on,  it combined countdown days 8 and 7  BEAUTIFULLY! Not rated G – not by a longshot.)

8 day to LAUNCH! Why Animal Butts are Hilarious by W.K.P.

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Kevin is taking over the blog today, because I can’t be trusted not to giggle through the whole thing. MY dirty little secret (that ain’t so secret, as it turns out) is that I love a good toot! joke. OR a joke that has anything to do with the region that produces toots! That scene in Blazing Saddles… the one with the cowboys having a dinner of beans? The height of cinema in my opinion. So, Kevin explains, so I don’t break a rib laughing. So, Kev: Tell us about the zebra-camel and the long tailed rabbits…

After Emilie and I had a pretty clear understanding of what each of us wanted from the project I set out to storyboard the pages.  Not really having any idea if this was standard procedure for most illustrators, it seemed smart to give Emilie a rough idea of the pages so she could scribble down observations and notes while I filled in details.  It worked out that way, more or less.


I got the story boards from Kev, and I said, "I love the way you drew the Zebra Camel." and he replied, "Yea, animal butts are HILARIOUS." True said...

We’d both decided that the scenes where Murphy gets his act together were pretty cut and dried, but a few shots of our explorer, well, exploring were called for. I attempted to reflect that Murphy was in an almost familiar landscape, so that the animals he encountered would be familiar but slightly weird to show that he was maybe on another planet but still unthreatening to our little readers.  I also tried out a little humor, and for that my guiding stars were my nephew Nathan and my niece Katie.

Suffice it to say that high brow humor doesn’t necessarily set the table upon a roar in that company.  So when I placed the perspective on one animal from shall we say, the rear quarter, it was as much to enable me to keep Murphy’s face in the frame as anything else. I sold it to Em by adding that kids find such things funny.  Apparently writers do as well….