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4 days… 3 days… 2 days until launch… crossing the Rubi-Con.

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen. No matter how much you drink, or how much bleach you pour into your brain. Pick you cliche of choice: unring a bell or put the genie back in the bottle.

Whatever your cliche of choice – it all boils down to we have a book, and we let it out in public. And it’s a real thing now…

Saturday, Kevin and I invited the whole world to come to AnachroCon’s hotel lobby and listen to our little story. That was scary – MOSTLY because the grownups outnumbered the kids 15 to 1 (-ish).

The Junior Aeronaughts (better known as my fellow Airship Brownies) turned up to help me welcome the crowd – we did our Jr.A. song to warm up the crowd. The song goes, “Hat, goggles, vest and boots, vest and boots. Hat, goggles, vest and boots, vest and boots. Flying  Junior Aeronaughts are WE. Hat, goggles, vest and boots, vest and boots. ” I’m sure you know the melody.

I started the reading – and as it rolled along, more folks came over to hear the tale. I was pleased that no one ran off screaming. Kevin stayed off to the side, taking it all in. He said something about watching the reading making it all become more real.

And he was right. We’ve crossed the Rubicon – at AnachroCon. The Explorer’s first con. I think it went well.

Wombat's photo of Emilie P. Bush at Anachrocon 2012


New dates for doing Steampunk

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I’ve been a busy little bee over at CoalCitySteam.com. The Events page has been updated with new events from Maine to San Francisco.  Head on over and take a look see.  Let me know if you are going to any of these cons, cause I may beg to share a room!

I do try to contact the leadership of these events and make sure there is some real steam being generated. I’ll not what I find out as I go along.